Top “Leading Ideas Talks” Podcast Episodes of 2021


Leading Ideas Talks provides cutting-edge leadership strategies from many of today’s most relevant thought leaders. These are the most popular episodes of the year. | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify | Google Podcasts | YouTube

“Imagining a Hybrid Future” featuring Rosario Picardo

Imagining a Hybrid Future featuring Rosario Picardo

How can a church develop hybrid ministry that connects both with those in the room and those who will never enter your church building? Rosario Picardo, one of the authors of a new book on ministry in the digital age, discusses how churches can continue to develop online ministry while resuming in-person ministries in the post-pandemic age.

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“Leveraging Your Church’s Assets” featuring Jacqueline Jones-Smith

Leveraging Your Church’s Assets featuring Jacqueline Jones-SmithYour church may have more resources than you think! Jacqueline Jones-Smith explains how Christ Church in St. Petersburg, Florida, once slated for closure, turned itself around by embracing a more entrepreneurial mindset and taking stock of its physical and human assets.

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“Creating Powerful Worship in Small Congregations” featuring Teresa Stewart

Creating Powerful Worship in Small Congregations featuring Teresa StewartDo you want amazing worship on a small church budget? Teresa Stewart, a blogger and creator of the website Paper Bag Cathedrals, shares ways small congregations can enliven their worship.

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“Building Thriving Rural Congregations” featuring Allen Stanton

Building Thriving Rural Congregations featuring Allen StantonHow can rural churches break free from false narratives and unrealistic metrics? Allen Stanton lays out a new vision for healthy rural congregations as valued stakeholders and potent agents of change within their communities.

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“Leading Like Nehemiah” featuring Lovett H. Weems Jr.

“Leading Like Nehemiah featuring Lovett H. Weems Jr.How does the story of Nehemiah guide leaders today? Lovett H. Weems Jr. explains why Nehemiah is so relevant to leaders in today’s church and how the book of Nehemiah informs our understanding of a leader’s calling and tasks.

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“Understanding Generation Z and Connecting with Their Passions” featuring Rock Jones

Understanding Generation Z and Connecting with Their Passions featuring Rock JonesWhat are the unique characteristics of young people coming of age today? Rock Jones, president of Ohio Wesleyan University, describes a generation of digital natives who are highly connected but also lonely and anxious. Dr. Jones describes Gen Zers’ life questions, the perspectives they bring to spiritual engagement, and ways church leaders can meet them where they are.

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“A Transformative Approach to Church Finances” featuring Lovett H. Weems Jr. and Ann A. Michel

A Transformative Approach to Church Finances featuring Lovett H. Weems Jr. and Ann A. MichelHow can church leaders approach stewardship and finance in ways that inspire generosity and encourage the sound use of church resources? Lovett H. Weems Jr. and Ann A. Michel share practical strategies and discuss how our belief structures around generosity, stewardship, and abundance speak to these challenges.

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“Recalibrating the Church” featuring Scott Cormode

Recalibrating the Church featuring Scott CormodeWhy is change so difficult for churches? Scott Cormode explains how church leaders can break free of common myths that cloud our thinking about change and how to embrace processes that sow the seeds of meaningful innovation.

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“Courage, Faith, and Resilient Leadership” featuring Tom Berlin

Courage, Faith, and Resilient Leadership featuring Tom BerlinWhat gives Christian leaders the courage to persist in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges? Tom Berlin shares how courage emerges through faith, hope, and God-inspired convictions as we deepen our commitment to walk with Christ.

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“A Biblical Perspective on Trauma” featuring Paul Cho

A Biblical Perspective on Trauma featuring Paul Cho

What is trauma? And how can congregations be a space of healing for the traumatized? Hebrew Bible Professor Paul Cho discusses the nature of trauma and how Scripture is a resource for congregations journeying alongside the traumatized.

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