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Church leaders have always looked to scripture for wisdom on how God’s leaders are to fulfill their callings. Many leadership studies have been written on prominent biblical leaders such as Moses, David, Jesus, and Paul. But virtually every book of the Bible gives witness to how God worked through a multitude of leaders across the centuries of biblical history.

One such leader is Nehemiah, the central figure of the book of Nehemiah, who lead the effort to rebuild Jerusalem after the Babylonian conquest. He completed the daunting task of reconstructing the city’s ruined walls in a mere 52 days. A careful analysis of the book of Nehemiah reveals that he accomplished this amazing feat through the exercise of leadership that was smart and savvy while also deeply grounded in devotion to God.

This PDF e-book considers a number of key leadership themes in Nehemiah’s story:

  • How faithful leadership is grounded in God’s call and bolstered by the power of prayer
  • The critical role of vision in effective leadership
  • The process of discerning and naming a relevant vision
  • The importance of engaging others and building a team
  • The need for patience and perseverance in pursuing worthy goals

This e-book also acts a transcript of the Leading Like Nehemiah: Rebuilding Together video-based adult Christian study.

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Dr. Lovett H. Weems, Jr.Rev. Dr. F. Douglas Powe, Jr.
Dr. Lovett H. Weems, Jr., distinguished professor of church leadership emeritus at Wesley Theological Seminary, and senior consultant and founding director of the Lewis Center
Rev. Dr. F. Douglas Powe, Jr., director of the Lewis Center and the James C. Logan Chair in Evangelism (an E. Stanley Jones Professorship) at Wesley Theological Seminary


Leading Like Nehemiah: Rebuilding Together is available on PDF, which may be used on computers, tablets, smartphones, and many e-readers.

Table of Contents

1. Why Look to Nehemiah for Lessons on Leadership?
2. Leadership and God’s Call
3. Seeking God’s Vision
4. Discerning a Vision
5. Building a Team
6. Staying the Course
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