Serious Answers to Hard Questions


Life presents us with a lot of hard questions. In this thought-provoking and inspiring course, ten leading theologians address ten issues that are obstacles to faith for many both in and outside of the church.

Ten leading Christian and Jewish theologians each address a single tough issue, such as the existence of evil or the relationship between religion and science. These ten issues are obstacles to faith for many both in and outside of the church. This course encourages the energetic discussion and sustained reflection that is key to a life of informed discipleship.

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Bishop Kenneth CarderBishop Kenneth Lee Carder is the Ruth W. and A. Morris Williams Professor Emeritus of the Practice of Christian Ministry at Duke Divinity School. He served as bishop to the Nashville and Mississippi conferences of the United Methodist Church. While serving a church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Bishop Carder helped initiate an ongoing dialogue between scientists and theologians, including a dialogue between members of the Council of Bishops, on In Defense of Creation. He is the author of Sermons on United Methodist Beliefs, A Bishop’s Reflections, Living Our Beliefs, and a study guide for Who Are We? The Doctrine, Mission, and Ministry of the United Methodist Church.


Serious Answers to Hard Questions is an outstanding introductory-level course that appeals to a very wide audience. Each lesson is freestanding, so it is easy to adapt the course to your particular needs. This is a great starter course that encourages much lively discussion.

Lessons and Video Presentations

  1. Evil — R. Kendall Soulen (27:05)
  2. Religion and Science — John Polkinghorne (31:00)
  3. Other Religions — Sathianathan Clarke (32:12)
  4. Evangelism and Tolerance — Scott Jones (26:14)
  5. The God of the Old Testament — Amy-Jill Levine (31:05)
  6. Jesus and Christianity— Richard B. Hays (30:15)
  7. Resurrection — N.T. Wright (30:52)
  8. The Gnostic Gospels — Ben Witherington (32:52)
  9. The Sins of the Church — Douglas M. Strong (30:44)
  10. Forgiveness — L. Gregory Jones (27:43)

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