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Focus Ready-to-bloom flower pushing through the snow

Actions by the recent Special General Conference have left many confused and despairing of the possibility of any way forward. At the same time, there…

Focus Person with headphone walking in the city

Leading Ideas Talks brings to the table cutting-edge leaders on subjects relate to church leaders. Outstanding United Methodist leaders are interviewed along with other scholars,…

Focus Train at Union Station, Toronto. CREDIT: Chris Cheadle, All Canada Photo, Universal Images Group, Rights Managed, For Education Use Only

Bishops and their Cabinets are entering the season of appointment-making. Many bishops and superintendents have developed careful processes and then seek to improve them each…

Focus A Methodist Requiem - Words of Hope and Resurrection for the Church

Ann Michel of the Lewis Center staff reports on William B. Lawrence’s book A Methodist Requiem that examines the legacy and impact of the church…

Focus Smiling pastor standing at the chancel

The Lewis Center offers a range of resources for pastors and congregations anticipating transitions, including these free downloads. 50 Ways to Improve Pastoral Transitions 50…

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