Wesleyan Studies Project — Series 1: Methodist History


This seminary-level course examines the development of Methodism in a global context, linking the past to the present and the local to the global, offering a broad and in-depth understanding of the Wesleyan tradition.


This academic resource is intended for the training of clergy and other church leaders. While it is suitable for any group that wants to look in-depth at Methodist origins, some groups may wish to use the lay education version from the Wesley Ministry Network, Methodist Identity Part 1: Our Story.

Course Includes

  • Lectures by 22 of the world’s leading Methodist scholars
  • 12 video lessons and transcripts
  • Study Guide and Wesley Reader on PDF

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Justo Gonzalez
Justo González, author of the highly praised three-volume History of Christian Thought and other major works, attended United Seminary in Cuba, received his M.A. at Yale, and was the youngest person to be awarded a Ph.D. in historical theology at Yale. Dr. Gonzalez is now on the faculty of the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta.

Lessons and Video Presentations

  1. English and Continental Reformation — Richard Heitzenrater (1:00:55)
  2. John and Charles Wesley: Early Years — Paul Chilcote (51:26)
  3. Methodist Beginnings: 1725-1737 — Amy Oden (46:19)
  4. Aldersgate and Its Results: 1738 — Steve Rankin (36:13)
    Methodist History: 1739-1744 — Henry Knight (26:47)
  5. Early Methodist Revival: 1740-1760 — Hoo-Jung Lee (26:02)
    Methodism in Britain: 1760-1791 — Peter Forsaith (25:21)
  6. The Later Wesleyan Movement — Martin Wellings (32:03)
    The Legacy of Charles Wesley — S T Kimbrough (34:42)
  7. American Methodism: 1740s-1860s — Douglas M. Strong (31:38)
    African Methodism in Early America — Dennis C. Dickerson (24:44)
  8. Holiness and Missions in 19th & 20th Centuries — Steven O’Malley (59:59)
  9. Methodism in Europe — Patrick Streiff (38:09)
    In China, Japan and Korea — Gunshik Shim (19:40)
    In India, Philippines and Oceania — Luther J. Oconer (15:23)
  10. Methodism in Africa — Jimmy Dube/Patrick Matsikenyiri (27:43)
    In Latin America and the Caribbean — Paulo Ayres Mattos (21:08)
    In Russia and Eurasia — Sergei V. Nikolaev (20:16)
  11. Methodist Social Concerns — Wendy Deichmann Edwards (40:08)
    Global Methodism — Robert Hunt (17:25)
  12. Two Case Studies:
    From Mission to Missionary Church — Kirsten Sonkyo Oh (19:04)
    The Conscience of Methodism — William B. McClain (30:02)

Video transcripts are provided.

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