Methodist Identity — Part 1: Our Story


The Methodist Identity video series explains what it means to be Methodist.

This first course in the series includes eight half-hour long presentations by leading Methodist scholars. Speakers describe the 18th-century Wesleyan revival in England and the growth of Methodism in the United States and around the world. Supplemental videos cover in more detail the rise of Methodism in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

The second course in the series, Part 2: Our Beliefs, is also available.


This course benefits both lifelong Methodists and those coming to Methodism from other traditions.

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Rev. Dr. Justo GonzálezRev. Dr. Justo L. González, a Cuban American Methodist historian and theologian, is a prolific author and an influential contributor to the development of Latin American theology. He attended United Seminary in Cuba and received his M.A. and Ph.D. from Yale. Dr. González is the author of the popular two volume textbook The Story of Christianity that covers the history of the church from founding till the present in a readable style. He is also the author of the three volume work History of Christian Thought.

Lessons and Video Presentations

  1. John and Charles Wesley: The Early Years — Paul Chilcote (28:15)
  2. Methodist Beginnings: 1725-1737 — Amy Oden (30:33)
  3. Aldersgate and Its Results: 1738 — Steve Rankin (15:09)
    Methodist History: 1739-1744 — Henry Knight (14:18)
  4. Early Methodist Revival: 1740-1760 — Hoo-Jung Lee (14:09)
    Methodism in Britain: 1760-1791 — Peter Forsaith (15:47)
  5. The Legacy of Charles Wesley — S T Kimbrough (25:00)
  6. American Methodism: 1740s-1760s — Douglas M. Strong (16:11)
    African Methodism in Early America — Dennis C. Dickerson (15:02)
  7. The Holiness Movement and Missions — Steven O’Malley (13:34)
    Global Methodism — Robert Hunt (17:26)
  8. Methodism and Social Holiness — Wendy Deichmann Edwards (30:41)

Lesson 1 Video Preview

Supplemental Video Presentations

  1. Methodism in Europe — Patrick Streiff (38:09)
    In China, Japan, and Korea — Gunshik Shim (19:40)
    In India, Phillipines, and Oceana — Luther J. Oconer (15:23)
  2. Methodism in Africa — Jimmy Dube and Patrick Matsikenyiri (27:43)
    In Latin America and the Caribbean — Paulo Ayres Mattos (21:08)
    In Russia and Eurasia — Sergei V. Nikolaev (20:16)

Complete Study Package Includes

  • 8 lessons plus supplemental videos on download or DVD
  • Study guide and supplemental presentations on download or CD
  • Contributions by 18 of the world’s leading Methodist scholars

Closed captioning is provided for all lessons on the CD version only.


The course schedule is set by your local church. Like other Lewis Center studies, you may begin and end the class based on your church’s own calendar

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