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Dottie Yunger offers ideas for churches interested in using portable worship installations for satellite worship in nontraditional settings.

Many congregations today, regardless of their size, are thinking of church “outside the box” — that is, worship in a non-traditional setting. In response to this need, there are several companies specializing in portable staging, seating, sound and lighting equipment, and trailers for churches on the move. They offer a wide range of individual components and customized packages, including the trailer to store and transport the equipment.

These companies assess the congregation’s needs and outfit them accordingly. For a church just starting down the road toward mobility, they can offer a variety of prepackaged or customized options and a wealth of knowledge about what works in different settings. (See “Church in a Box,” Christianity Today, Jan/Feb 2000.) Prepackaged starter trailers can be selected based on the number of worshippers or the type of meeting space (school cafeteria, gymnasium, etc.) Prices range from about $10,000 for the most modest starter trailers to $150,000 or more for larger, more complex systems.

Two of these companies are:

Church On Wheels
COW’s parent company HMC Display has been in business for over 35 years and claims a loyal following in churches, malls, hotels, convention centers, professional sports franchises and movie theaters.

PortableChurch Industries
PCI is a Christian-owned and operated company with ten years experience assisting portable churches. PCI considers itself a ministry, and while this company is not for everyone, whether it is because of budget or need, they are committed to quality, portability, and customized design. Read about a pastor’s personal experience with PCI at the following blog:

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