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Delivered every Wednesday, our free e-newsletter Leading Ideas offers articles by thoughtful, cutting-edge leaders on subjects you care about — navigating change, reaching younger people, financing your ministry, communicating effectively — to help you be the leader God is calling you to be.

The Lewis Center is committed to helping congregations and denominations thrive and grow by providing ideas, research, resources, and training for vital and fruitful leadership. Through Leading Ideas, we share vignettes of leaders and congregations, book reviews, leadership quotes, and helpful “right questions” built around the premise that leaders don’t need answers — they need to know the right questions.

Leading Ideas
0 The Multiplying Effect of Community Partnerships

Rather than creating new programs that reinvent the wheel, Rosario Picardo says congregations can multiply the impact of their outreach by seeking out the people and organizations in their community already doing God’s work and forging creative partnerships. As churches, we have a tendency to create “new” programs either out of a desire for control or because we simply don’t…

Leading Ideas
0 Two Views of Vision

What kind of vision helps a church finds its way forward? Lovett H. Weems, Jr., says a vision needn’t be grandiose, nor is the process necessarily linear. Drawing on Margaret Wheatley’s “circular” understanding of vision, he explains that visioning can involve a series of small, next-step visions that become a field of energy from which a larger vision emerges. Margaret…

Leading Ideas
0 A Spiritually Inviting Food Pantry

Sue Nilson Kibbey, author of the new book Flood Gates: Holy Momentum for a Fearless Church, describes how a food pantry ministry provided the opportunity for a congregation to develop deepening relationships with the food pantry clients. It started with serving a warm meal and eventually led to the creation of a new community of Christ followers. A church leader…

Leading Ideas
0 Ten Ways to Build the Beloved Community

Baltimore Pastor C. Anthony Hunt lifts up Martin Luther King, Jr.’s powerful vision of the Beloved Community, calling on individuals and churches to continue to promote peace with justice. He provides ten suggestions for heightening our commitment to community building and social engagement. A universal human striving is for authentic community. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was among those who…

Leading Ideas
0 Why Some Ministries Need to Die

Every ministry has a lifespan, according to pastor and author Graham Standish. When a church forces dying ministries to stay alive, it prevents new ministries from being resurrected from the death of the old. A major problem of any struggling church is that it consistently does what it’s always done before, and avoids doing what it’s never done before. Whenever…

Leading Ideas
0 Stewardship Resolutions for the New Year

Stewardship consultant Cesie Delve Scheuermann suggests planning your calendar of stewardship activities for the year. But before you do any asking, she stresses that you need to be deliberate about thanking contributors and telling the story of how their giving is changing lives and making the world a better place. Now that Christmas is over, you have (maybe) a moment…

Leading Ideas
0 Top Lewis Center Resources of 2016

Lewis Center resources guide you in strengthening your personal leadership and renewing your congregation. Following are our most popular free and purchased resources of the year. Save 10% on downloadable and DVD/CD video tool kits and PDF ebooks with coupon code TOP2016 through December 31, 2016. Top Free Resources 50 Ways to Increase Worship Attendance Free to read, share, and…

Leading Ideas
0 Top “Leading Ideas” Articles of 2016

What Leading Ideas subjects are trending this year? We have assembled this list to give you another opportunity to glean insight and inspiration from the authors and articles most popular with our nearly 18,000 subscribers. 10 Ways to Reach Unchurched People at Christmas Pastor Carey Nieuwhof says unchurched people want to celebrate Christmas, so there is no better time to…

Leading Ideas
0 Room at the Inn

Doug Ruffle, who once served as a missionary in Argentina, shares the heartwarming story of a Christmas pageant that went off script, yet captured the true meaning of Christmas. It invites us to make room for the Christ Child in our lives. As a missionary in Argentina, I served Peace Community Church in Rosaria. It was an intimate community of…

Leading Ideas
0 A Birthday Party for Jesus

Margie Briggs, pastor of two small churches in Missouri, describes how the annual tradition of hosting a “birthday party for Jesus” has attracted children and families from their community into the church, helping to bring new vitality to an aging congregation. A few years ago, our small rural church in Calhoun, Missouri, wanted to do something at Christmas time for…

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