Top “Leading Ideas Talks” Podcast Episodes of 2023


How to Keep Preaching Fresh

Graphic of the word PREACHHow can preachers keep their preaching fresh? Teresa Fry Brown, professor of preaching at Candler School of Theology, shares strategies for preaching familiar texts for different generations, preaching for in person and digital audiences, and sermon preparation for bivocational pastors. Listenread, or watch now.

Funding Forward: How Congregations Can Develop New Revenue Sources

CashIs your congregation too dependent on Sunday morning offerings? Grace Pomroy from Luther Seminary shares research findings on congregations that are developing new and creative funding sources, not only to bolster the bottom line, but to better connect with neighbors and advance their missions. Listenread, or watch now.

Who are The Nones?

Leading Ideas TalksThe rapid growth in the percentage of Americans claiming no religious affiliation is drastically reshaping the country’s religious and cultural landscape. We speak with Dr. Ryan Burge, a leading expert on the “Nones,” about the characteristics of the growing cohort of Americans who say their religion is “nothing in particular.” Listenread, or watch now.

Leading Faithful Innovation

What if congregational change didn’t focus on setting goals or planning new programs? Dwight Zscheile believes finding a faithful way forward involves discovering what God is already doing in the lives of your neighbors and then finding ways of joining in God’s action. He shares a simple three-step process for experimenting with new practices that allow you to listen to God and your community. Listenread, or watch now.

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Breakthrough: Trusting God for Big Change in Your Church

Graphic representation of the light of the Holy Spirit bursting forth from a church buildingWhat happens when a congregation trusts God for big change? We speak with author and pastor Dawn Darwin Weaks about the rebirth of Connection Christian Church and how to lead change well. Listen, read, or watch now.

Hybrid Worship: Reaching People Here and There, Now and Later

Collage of a photo showing a Sunday morning worship service, a photo of a person with a computer engaging virtually with that same worship service, and a person on a computer watching a recording of that service several days later

How can your worship connect powerfully not only with those in the room on Sunday mornings, but with those worshiping online in the moment and after the fact? Ann Michel of the Lewis Center staff and hybrid ministry expert Jason Moore discuss how simple changes can make your worship more meaningful and participatory for online viewers in the moment and relevant and accessible to anyone at any time. Listenread, or watch now.

Rebuilding Communities with Hope

Volunteers for a line to pass supplies

How can churches partner with other organizations to effectively and comprehensively meet the needs of their community? We speak with Glorymar Rivera Báez, executive director of REHACE, about the organization’s work in Puerto Rico providing services to vulnerable populations and rebuilding communities. Listenread, or watch now.

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