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Mike McCurry and Sarah Sanders screen capture from C-SPAN

How can people of faith bring their values to work in government and the public square? Listen as Ann Michel speaks with Mike McCurry, former White House Press Secretary and Director of Wesley Theological Seminary’s Center for Public Theology.

Leading Ideas Stained glass window with the text Put on the Whole Armour of God

David McAllister-Wilson, president of Wesley Theological Seminary, sees courage as essential to church leadership. He explains how courage is formed not through study or proclamation,…

Leading Ideas Side-by-side photo of civil rights leader Thomas W. Jones: the image on the left is of him leading a walkout with a raised clenched fist and armed with a rifle from the 1960s and in black-and-white; the image on the right is of him many years later in a suit and giving a speech

One of the vivid images of the 1960s is a picture of African American students walking boldly out of Cornell University’s student union building. They…

Leading Ideas Stock photo of of Rosa Parks' WIkipedia Page

Leadership requires us to declare that racism is wrong, and we must work constantly to confront it and end it, according to Lovett Weems, writing…