A Life Worthy of the Gospel


How do Christians think and act faithfully in a complex and often ambiguous world? What models from Scripture and Church history might help us to live “lives worthy of the Gospel” in the 21st century? Join noted ethicist Dr. Sondra Wheeler in an exploration of these vital questions.

A Life Worthy of the Gospel is an eloquent, challenging and inspiring six-session introduction to Christian ethics that avoids pat answers and simplistic lists of dos and don’ts. Dr. Wheeler focuses on the formation of Christian character, citing helpful examples both from Scripture and from Church History. She concludes with a test case: the issue of money and consumption. What would Paul, Augustine, Luther and Wesley say to modern Christians and their use of resources?


A Life Worthy of the Gospel is a mid-level course that is densely packed with rich content. It requires a few pages of reading for each session and is a perfect match for serious study groups that want to go deeper. A Life Worthy of the Gospel builds to a very powerful climax in Lesson 6.

Available on DVD.

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Product Description


Dr. Sondra Wheeler
Dr. Sondra Wheeler is the Martha Ashby Carr Professor of Christian Ethics at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC. Within the broad discipline of Christian ethics, she specializes in theological bioethics, biblical ethics, virtue ethics and the historical roots of Christian moral theology. She holds a Ph.D. from Yale University. Her books include Wealth as Perill and Obligation: The New Testament on Possessions; Stewards of Life: Bioethics and Pastoral Care; What We Were Made For: Christian Reflections on Love; and Children of One’s Own: Creation and the Limits and Parental Power.

Lessons and Video Presentations


  1. A Christian Way of Living? (20:51)

Four Models for Christian Ethics

  1. Scripture: The Story that Forms Us (23:53)
  2. Augustine: Ordering Our Loves (25:20)
  3. Luther: The Spirit of Christian Life (14:13)
  4. Wesley: Transforming Grace (21:41)


  1. Learning from Our Traditions — A Test Case (26:42)

Course Includes

  • 6 video lessons on DVD
  • Leader’s Guide
  • Participant’s Guide (PDF download available upon purchase)

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