Marty J. Cauley passed away in June 2021. Marty served for over 27 years in ministry with the United Methodist Church, including five years in the Office of New Faith Communities where he was Director of Content and Coaching. An ordained elder, he was also Director of Ministry with Young People for the Southeastern Jurisdiction. He blogged about ministry and living with terminal cancer and has written a book, Dying to Go on Vacation: A Journey of Discovering Life While Facing Death (Marbles Press, 2015), available on Amazon.

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My wife, Danelle, and I have always tried to live our lives with open hearts, open hands, and an open home. We have fed hundreds…

Leading Ideas Stock photo of seven matches: two that have not been lit ever, one that is currently lit, two that have been lit but are now extinguished, and one that is completely burnt out

Have you known a church member who seemed fully engaged and invested in a congregation but suddenly walked away? What makes someone “flame out” unexpectedly?…