Top “Leading Ideas Talks“ Podcast Episodes of 2022


What was trending in 2022? These are the top “Leading Ideas Talks” podcast episodes of the year as chosen by our nearly 20,000 subscribers.

How Parents Pass Religious Faith to their Children

Family talking while walking down a gravel road

What determines whether children will carry on the faith of their parents? Past research established that parents play the critical role. In this episode noted sociologist Christian Smith shares new research examining how parents shape their children’s faith and the critical factor of talking about religion in the context of day-to-day life. Listen to podcast, read interview, or watch now on YouTube.

Forging a New Path

THE NEW NEXTWhen do things go back to normal? How do we get people (back) to church? How do we do more with less? Rebekah Simon-Peter calls us to the next normal as she explores what it means to invite people to church as spiritual community and to do more with less. Listen, read, or watch now.

Positioning Your Church for Growth in a New Season of Ministry

A person planting a seedlingHow can your church reach new people in today’s evolving ministry context? Tony Morgan shares trends, perspectives, and strategies drawn from his work with scores of congregations across the country and abroad. Listen, read, or watch now.

The Building Blocks of Congregational Renewal

Graphic representation of stacked blocks of icons representing congregational revivalWhat does it take to turn a congregation around? Ed Brandt, a long-serving pastor who recently retired as chief of chaplains for the U.S. National Guard, believes success in ministry is grounded in the hard but essential work of reaching out to the community, forging new connections, getting to know people, listening, earning trust, taking risks, and learning from mistakes. Listen, read, or watch now.

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Normalizing Next

Graphic treatment of the words NORMALIZING NEXT and a fast-forward symbolHow can church leaders embrace rather than fear the future? Olu Brown shares how leaders can “normalize next” and begin living their future now by engaging innovative thinking, creative partnerships, and hybrid strategies to fulfill their mission. Listen, read, or watch now.

What Makes Christian Social Innovation Christian?

Hand-drawn light bulb superimposed on an image of Michelangelo's The Creation of AdamHow can church leaders approach innovation in ways that are consistent with their faith? Kenda Creasy Dean says it starts by focusing on people and not problems, and by seeking to participate in God’s new thing rather than trying to get God to participate in ours. Listen, read, or watch now.


Lessons from the Fresh Expressions Movement

“What Makes Leading Ideas Talks podcast -- Christian Social Innovation Christian?” featuring Kenda Creasy DeanWhat can we learn from the Fresh Expression movement’s novel approach to reaching people unlikely to attend church on Sunday mornings? Luke Edwards discusses a process of listening and relationship building that can lead to deepening discipleship and the formation of new, nontraditional worshipping communities. Listen, read, or watch now.

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The Pandemic’s Real Impact on Clergy and Congregations

Masked pastor and church member chatting outside after churchHow has the pandemic shaped the vitality and resiliency of congregations? Did it really prompt large numbers of pastors to leave ministry? Scott Thumma shares insights from ongoing research on the pandemic’s impact on congregational life and health. Listen, read, or watch now.

Building Vibrant Community Connections in Digital and Physical Spaces

Graphic representing the church as a neighborhood hub

How can your congregation connect with new people in both physical and digital spaces? Jordana Wright shares creative strategies for transforming congregations into vibrant community hubs. Listen, read, or watch now.

Evangelism Insights from The Methodist Church in Britain

People in conversation sitting around tables set up outside of the churchWhat can we learn about congregational revitalization, Fresh Expressions, and evangelism from the Methodist Church in Britain? Trey Hall shares insights on these subjects drawing from his experience in the United States and Great Britain. Listen, read, or watch now.


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