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Leadership Lessons from the Bible

In this second Special 20th Anniversary Edition of Leading Ideas we re-present some of the most pertinent and popular articles on biblical leadership.

The Bible records the stories of hundreds of leaders who responded to God’s call and advanced the story of salvation history. Some are well-known biblical heroes. But if we read scriptures with attentiveness to who is exercising leadership and how, we find the stories of men and women, young and old, famous and the unnamed, who also served as leaders in the advancement of God’s mission. Leading Ideas articles on biblical leadership are among the most searched and read material in our extensive archives.

5 Ways to Engage People the Way Jesus Did

The Samaritan woman giving Jesus a drink of water from the wellLooking for ways to connect with new people, organize them for action, and lead them to a deepening commitment? Joe Daniels and Christie Latona remind us of five basic practices Jesus used to organize and engage people. Read more now.

5 Leadership Insights from Jethro

"Moses & Jethro," 1930, painting by Frank Harmon Myers, 1899-1956Lewis Center Director Doug Powe says when looking for leadership lessons in the Bible we shouldn’t focus so much on Moses that we skip over his father-in-law Jethro. In Exodus 18, Jethro offered important insights that transformed Moses’ practice of leadership and can help us as well. Read more now.

4 Ways to Multiply Disciples the Way Jesus Did

Jesus and Disciples

Dave Ferguson and Warren Bird explain that for our ministries to have a truly exponential impact, we need to be mentoring, developing, and multiplying disciples. They share four key learnings about how Jesus nurtured his followers by investing time in them. Read more now.

Biblical Leadership: Not as Simple as You Think

Shepherd holding a staff

Denise Dombkowski Hopkins, a professor of Hebrew Bible at Wesley Theological Seminary, says we often see biblical leadership in one-dimensional or overly idealized ways. Her more nuanced view of several common images of biblical leadership can inform a more robust and realistic concept of our own leadership challenges. Read more now.

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