Text-only Version of Leading Ideas, May 2, 2018

May 2, 2018
Leading Ideas from the Lewis Center for Church Leadership of Wesley Theological Seminary

Unsticking a “Stuck” Institution
Four years ago, Amy Butler stepped into the pulpit of Riverside Church in Manhattan, a church well known for its public witness and prominent pastoral leaders. She shares advice on taking the helm of a well-established congregation and leading change within a historic institution. Read more: https://www.churchleadership.com/leading-ideas/leading-an-established-congregation?id=li20180502

Leading Ideas Talks Podcast: “Leading a Historic Congregation”
How do you balance tradition and innovation? In this episode, Lewis Center Director F. Douglas Powe, Jr., speaks with Rev. Amy Butler of The Riverside Church in New York City. They discuss insights for leading a historic church. Listen now: https://www.churchleadership.com/podcast/leading-a-historic-congregation-featuring-amy-butler?id=li20180502

5 Ways to Know if Your Church Needs A Strategic Plan
Chris Bennett, a Virginia pastor who helps other congregations develop strategic plans, outlines a set of questions that can help your church decide if a strategic planning process is what’s needed to gain clarity around your next steps and develop positive momentum. Read more: https://www.churchleadership.com/leading-ideas/5-ways-to-know-if-your-church-needs-a-strategic-plan?id=li20180502

The Right Question
“Leaders do not need answers. Leaders must have the right questions.”
Traditions can be good so long as they do not become barriers to what God wants us to do next. Tony Morgan suggests two questions to ask about traditions.
*Is it sacred or is it familiar?
*Is it holy or is it comfortable?
Want more Right Questions? Read “Right Questions for Church Leaders” at https://www.churchleadership.com/books/right-questions-for-church-leaders/

What Next Faithful Step is God Calling Your Church to Take?
Discovering God’s Future for Your Church is a turn-key tool kit to help your congregation discern and implement God’s vision for its future. The resource guides your church in discovering clues to your vision in your history and culture, your current congregational strengths and weaknesses, and the needs of your surrounding community. The tool kit features videos, leader’s guides, discussion exercises, planning tools, handouts, diagrams, worksheets, and more. Learn more and watch an introductory video now: https://www.churchleadership.com/product/discovering-gods-future-church?id=20180502

Suggestions for Churches with a Clergywoman
If you have a female pastor, the all-purpose question to remember is: “Would you honestly ask (say, criticize) this if the pastor were a man? If so, okay. If not, drop it.” Know that a female pastor continues a tradition of women in ministry going back to biblical times. Learn to celebrate her pastoral leadership with “To the Point: Suggestions for Churches with a Clergywoman.” Read now and download free: https://www.churchleadership.com/to-the-point/to-the-point-suggestions-for-churches-with-a-clergywoman?id=li20180502

Quotable Leadership
“If the church is to live, it must continually be reformed.” — Margaret A. Farley

Adult Education Study: “Religion and Science — Pathways to Truth”
Is it possible to be a Christian and take science seriously? Must we choose between God and science? The nine lessons in this essential and inspiring course offer a positive alternative: a way to live in today’s world as scientifically informed believers. Religion and Science is ideal for your congregation’s small groups, adult Bible studies, and Sunday School classes. Learn more now: https://www.churchleadership.com/product/religion-science-pathways-truth?id=li20180502

Pastors Moving to New Churches Need the Right Start
Are you a pastor preparing to begin ministry in a new setting? With The Right Start Video Tool Kit, you’ll learn how to end your current ministry well, develop a personal transition plan, and make the most of your first days, weeks, and months in your new congregation. The Right Start is available in both Pastor’s and Group Training Versions. Learn more and watch a video preview: https://www.churchleadership.com/product/the-right-start-pastors-version-download?id=20180425