Text-only Version of Leading Ideas, June 24, 2020

June 24, 2020
Leading Ideas from the Lewis Center for Church Leadership of Wesley Theological Seminary

Connection is More Important than Content in Digital Gatherings
Zach Lambert of Restore Austin Church says that the move to digital gatherings reveals that content is important, but our connections are imperative. He believes online ministry must intentionally create spaces where deep friendship can blossom. Read more now. https://www.churchleadership.com/leading-ideas/connection-is-more-important-than-content-in-digital-gatherings/

Leading Ideas Talks Podcast: Episode 58
“Rethinking Virtual Community” featuring Heidi Campbell
What can online faith communities teach us about people’s need for interaction and authentic relationships? In this episode we speak with Heidi Campbell, who has studied online churches since the early days of the internet, about key learnings emerging from the experience of so many churches that moved online worship during the pandemic. Listen now or read transcript. http://”Rethinking Virtual Community” featuring Heidi Campbell

Rethinking Esther’s Leadership
Esther’s story turns in many ways on a very traditional understanding of female roles and influence. But Esther’s capacity for innovative and creative leadership offers positive leadership lessons as well, writes F. Douglas Powe, Jr., Director of the Lewis Center for Church Leadership, and James C. Logan, Chair of Evangelism (an E. Stanley Jones Professorship), at Wesley Theological Seminary. Read more now. http://Rethinking Esther’s Leadership

COVID-19 Resources
Leading Ideas articles, podcast episodes, and links. Visit https://www.churchleadership.com/tag/covid-19/

The Right Question
“Leaders do not need answers. Leaders must have the right questions.”
In a liminal season, says Susan Beaumont, many of our old assumptions no longer hold true. Good questions can unfreeze some of our old assumptions and expand our consciousness.
* What was undervalued before that may hold greater value now?
* What mattered about geography before that no longer matters?
* What margin or lack of margin was built into our old model of doing church? What new abundance are we experiencing now? Where are we experiencing scarcity now that was not evident before?
Want more Right Questions? Read “Right Questions for Church Leaders” at https://www.churchleadership.com/books/right-questions-for-church-leaders/.

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Suggestions for Churches with a Clergywoman
A harsh reality is that most clergywomen still face sexism. If you have a female pastor, the all-purpose question to remember is: “Would you honestly ask (say, criticize) this if the pastor were a man? If so, okay. If not, drop it.” Know that a female pastor continues a tradition of women in ministry going back to biblical times. Learn to celebrate her pastoral leadership with “To the Point: Suggestions for Churches with a Clergywoman.” Read now and download free. https://www.churchleadership.com/to-the-point/to-the-point-suggestions-for-churches-with-a-clergywoman/

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“The Right Start” Video Tool Kit
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Quotable Leadership
“When someone enters a community of faith, the first offer of involvement should not be to a task, but to a learning opportunity.” — Stephen Chapin Garner

The Adept Church: Navigating Between a Rock and a Hard Place
“The Adept Church” by Lewis Center Director F. Douglas Powe Jr. helps congregations develop realistic roadmaps for navigating between “a rock and a hard place.” The book outlines a clear process for defining a church’s current reality in order to make the strategic decisions to determine the direction it needs to go. This theologically grounded, yet practical guide is for church leaders seeking to save their churches. Learn more and order now. https://www.churchleadership.com/books/the-adept-church-navigating-between-a-rock-and-a-hard-place/

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