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July 8, 2020
“Leading Ideas” from the Lewis Center for Church Leadership of Wesley Theological Seminary

COVID-19 Reminds Us of Crucial Church Finance Safeguards
Lovett Weems says the pandemic reveals the importance of certain essential financial practices for churches. Maintaining a reserve fund, expanding giving options, and setting realistic budgets can help a congregation weather tough times. Read more now. https://www.churchleadership.com/leading-ideas/covid-19-reminds-us-of-crucial-church-finance-safeguards/

Leading Ideas Talks Podcast: Episode 59
“Bringing the New Testament to Life” featuring Shively Smith
How can you teach the New Testament in ways that make it come alive to modern people? In this episode we speak with New Testament Professor Shively Smith about innovative approaches to teaching the gospel that disrupt our staid and familiar notions of the biblical text. Listen now or read transcript. https://www.churchleadership.com/podcast/episode-59-bringing-the-new-testament-to-life-featuring-shively-smith/

Good Communication Requires More Than Just Sharing Information
Trying to improve communication by sharing more and more information is likely to backfire, according to Ryan Hartwig and Warren Bird. Effective communication is aimed at creating shared meaning, structuring decision making, and coordinating leadership activities, not just transmitting information. Read more now. https://www.churchleadership.com/leading-ideas/good-communication-requires-more-than-just-sharing-information-2/

COVID-19 Resources
Leading Ideas articles, podcast episodes, and links. Visit https://www.churchleadership.com/tag/covid-19/

The Right Question
“Leaders do not need answers. Leaders must have the right questions.”
Someone reported that in their congregation a provocative and deeply moving conversation took place when these two questions were asked to explore member experience with the church.
* When were you most proud to be a member of this church?
* When were you so upset that you almost left?
Want more Right Questions? Read “Right Questions for Church Leaders” at https://www.churchleadership.com/books/right-questions-for-church-leaders/.

Learn to Protect, Sustain, and Grow Your Church’s Money for Ministry
“Protect, Sustain, Grow: Best Practices for Handling Your Church’s Money” provides practical advice, best practices, and resources for pastors, finance committee members, church treasurers, financial secretaries, bookkeepers, and more. Whether it’s your first time dealing with church finances or you’ve been handling them for years, this video tool kit will help you provide financial integrity and sustainability for your church, as well as expand your church’s income. Learn more and watch an introductory video. https://www.churchleadership.com/product/protect-sustain-grow-best-practices-for-handling-your-churchs-money/

Unclutter Your Church
Revitalizing congregations must strip away some of the vestiges of the past to make space for the new amidst decades of physical and emotional clutter. “To the Point: Unclutter Your Church Now” helps congregations unshackle from the weight of clutter and disorganization. Read now and download free. https://www.churchleadership.com/to-the-point/to-the-point-unclutter-your-church/

Support the Lewis Center
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Video-based Adult Study Curriculum
“In God’s Time: The Bible and the Future”
Regularly $75 — Now only $5 through July 31
The End Times and Revelation according to Hollywood and bestselling fiction are not the End Times as revealed in the Bible.
In this 10-session study, Dr. Craig Hill makes eschatology — the study of the “Last Things” — and the book of Revelation understandable to laypeople and experts alike. “In God’s Time” avoids the extremes of pulp fiction and high scholarly debate and instead opens up the entire Bible — encouraging Christians to take seriously the hope of God’s ultimate victory. Learn more and view a sample of the Session 1 video and Participant’s Guide. https://www.churchleadership.com/product/in-gods-time/

Quotable Leadership
“The future will be determined in part by happenings that it is impossible to foresee; it will also be influenced by trends that are now existent and observable.” — Emily Greene Balch

Read “Not Safe for Church”
Congregations say they want to reach new and younger people. In “Not Safe for Church: Ten Commandments for Reaching New Generations,” Lewis Center Director Doug Powe and Pastor Jasmine Smothers give 10 ways to help churches move from just saying what they intend to do to actually doing it. This book provides tools to help congregations reframe the Good News in non-traditional ways plus study questions for church leadership teams. Learn more and order now. https://www.churchleadership.com/books/not-safe-church-ten-commandments-reaching-new-generations/

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