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Leading Ideas Stock photo of a group of young African Americans hanging out in a lounge

How do you reignite a church when it seems that no one wants to lead? In every space and place, God wants transformation to occur.…

Leading Ideas Clip art of a group of silhouettes of people in amidst a sea of gears

Just as all Christian leadership originates in our relationship with Christ, our day-by-day leadership depends on relationships with others that mirror the ideals of our…

Leading Ideas Stock photo of a blank yellow legal pad

Not long ago, I realized that I had spent several weeks in a reactive mode — constantly dealing with one thing after another that popped…

Leading Ideas Stock photo of an elderly white woman engaging in dialogue with someone

When pastors tell me about particularly troubling dilemmas they face in their congregations, perhaps the most common advice I offer is, “Find a wise person,”…

Leading Ideas Stock photo of a latte in which the foam art is a question mark

As I sat tapping on my computer keyboard in a Midwestern Starbucks, an unexpected event unfolded nearby. A manager sporting a green apron sat down…

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