Episode 28: “Faith and Public Life” featuring Mike McCurry


Episode 28: “Faith and Public Life” featuring Mike McCurry

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How can people of faith bring their values to work in government and the public square? Listen as Ann Michel speaks with Mike McCurry, former White House Press Secretary and Director of Wesley Theological Seminary’s Center for Public Theology.

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Mike McCurry

After 35 years in national politics and presidential campaigns, including time as White House Press Secretary to President Bill Clinton, Mike McCurry joined the Wesley Theological Seminary community as a member of its Board of Governors, then as a student (MA 2013), and now is Distinguished Professor of Public Theology. He is Director of Wesley's Center for Public Theology, and he co-directs the Wesley-sponsored National Capital Semester for Seminarians.

Ann A. Michel is associate director of the Lewis Center for Church Leadership of Wesley Theological Seminary and teaches in the areas of stewardship and leadership. She is also the author of Synergy: A Leadership Guide for Church Staff and Volunteers (Abingdon, 2017), available at Cokesbury and Amazon.