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50 Ways Church greeter shaking hands with a visitor

…ask visitors to stand and identify themselves. Seventy percent of new attendees feel negatively about being recognized. However, they do expect people to be friendly and welcoming. Provide nametags for…

Leading Ideas Stock photo that reads "EFFECTIVE"

…The U.S. Congregational Life Survey found only three strengths positively associated with numerical growth: caring for children and youth; participating in the congregation; and welcoming new people. Many presumed growth…

Leading Ideas

…to pay attention to our Christmas Eve worship with great care. We need to make entry easy and thoroughly welcoming. Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to enter your church is…

50 Ways Person giving the thumbs up sign

…that welcoming your new pastor in genuine and effective ways lays the ground work for a healthy and vital relationship and the development of stable, long-term ministries together. Plan for…

Leading Ideas Person being warmly welcomed through a church's front doors by church memebers

…by permission. Related Resources Be The Welcoming Church Video Tool Kit 3 Principles of Radical Hospitality by Yvonne Gentile and Debi Nixon Welcoming Is the Top Factor in Church Choice…

Leading Ideas Adult with their arm around a child during a children's ministry

…(when I haven’t a clue). In conditions of such social isolation that we are now experiencing, the church can be the catalyst for welcoming (and including) people of all ages…

Leading Ideas WELCOME written in colorful stained glass

…to their needs, and consistently following up after their visit. What does exceptional hospitality look like in practice? Radical hospitality is hospitality that goes beyond being friendly; it is welcoming

Leading Ideas Smiling church members sharing a hug

…is adapted from a blog post on Ministry Advice, Jan 23, 2017. Used by permission. Related Resources Be the Welcoming Church Video Tool Kit Top 10 Learnings about Welcoming Newcomers…

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