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…know are dealing with attendance issues in one way or another. Either they are struggling with declining attendance or they are dealing with space issues from increased attendance. Live streaming…

Leading Ideas Icons of trends impacting church leadership

…the trends are quite sobering, they also reveal possibilities for innovative and adaptive approaches to ministry. 1. Changes in church attendance patterns Since 2001, worship attendance had been trending downward…

Leading Ideas A small church

…school class. A typical Sunday would have an attendance of about 20 at the largest of the four churches and exactly two at the smallest. After a couple of years…

Leading Ideas 2019

…outdated digital presence and a lack of diversity top the list. Read more now. Why Attendance and Revenue Figures Don’t Tell the Whole Story Worship attendance and revenue figures don’t…

Leading Ideas Padlock on an old church gate

…2017, our physical attendance grew, but our weekly online ‘attendance’ for the first time became bigger than our physical attendance. And a majority of first time guests at our church…

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