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Leading Ideas Clip art of a big, white country church

…with an average attendance of 50 each Sunday morning, was discerning whether to remain in its current facility or relocate. The church building, constructed in 1858, needed a variety of…

 To The Point Photo of two female worship leaders at Wesley Theological Seminary

…more in worship attendance within seven years. An informal poll of congregational development officials in the United Methodist church also showed a preference for church planters aged 25 to 35….

50 Ways Church greeter shaking hands with a visitor

…worshippers to record attendance makes it more likely visitors will sign. Visitors don’t want to be singled out. Make a special effort to remember visitors’ names and call them by…

50 Ways People in discussion at tables in a Sunday school class

…clear about expectations with regard to attendance, participation, and preparation. Promote participation effectively Link group study topics to sermon series and encourage participation from the pulpit. Emphasize study during Lent….

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