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Resources: Pastoral Transition

The Lewis Center draws upon years of research and training in offering resources for pastors preparing to move from one congregation to another and for denominational leaders who wish to do regional training to prepare those leaving ministry in one place and beginning in a new setting.
The Right Start: Beginning Ministry in a New Setting
The Right Start is a video-based training resources for clergy preparing to begin ministry in a new setting. The latest version has been revised and enhanced with new material on the relational aspect of transition, such as how to handle social media and issues of concern to single clergy and associate pastors.

The Right Start — Pastor's Version
Pastor’s Version — $59
The Right Start — Pastor’s Version is designed to assist individual pastors as they prepare to finish their ministry with one congregation and begin ministry in a new setting. It includes video instructional segments, resources, planning aids, and supplementary materials. Learn more.

The Right Start — Group Training Version
Group Training Version — $199
The Right Start — Group Training Version is designed for group training sessions conducted by conferences, districts, or other judicatories. It includes video sessions in segments that can be interspersed with group discussion and easily used in conjunction with other topics covered by local leadership. The package also includes handouts, supplementary materials, and facilitation aids. Learn more.
Other Resources for Pastors and Congregations in Transition