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Resources: Lewis Pastoral Leadership Inventory

Lewis Pastoral Leadership Inventory
A Confidential, Online, 360° Leadership
Development Instrument
Designed for Pastors

The Lewis Center for Church Leadership has developed a new leadership assessment instrument called the Lewis Pastoral Leadership Inventory (LPLI). Specifically designed for clergy, the LPLI helps pastoral leaders identify individual strengths and weaknesses to improve their ministry effectiveness. It is a 360º assessment instrument that integrates self-appraisal with feedback from others (called observers) who are familiar with a pastor’s work to provide a comprehensive, balanced appraisal of an individual’s effectiveness.

It is administered through the use of online questionnaires, although written versions are available for those who do not have internet access as well as those who speak Spanish and Korean. LPLI users receive a personalized leadership profile report that can be used for self-discovery, gathering feedback from others, setting goals for improvement, identifying continuing education needs, and tracking progress over time.

The LPLI uses 75 specific criteria of pastoral effectiveness that relate to a three-fold understanding of fruitful leadership encompassing Character, Competence, and Contribution. The Lewis Center compiled these categories and criteria by analyzing definitions of effectiveness in ministry used by different judicatories and studying the literature of pastoral effectiveness. The process included review by theological educators and church leaders. The criteria have been further refined through two years of field testing with over a thousand pastors throughout the United States.

In September 2009, the Lewis Center made the LPLI available for wide-spread use by individual pastors as well as conferences, judicatories, and educational institutions.

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