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About Us: Staff

The Lewis Center's most important resource is the expertise of its staff. Click each name for more detailed information on the staff’s background and areas of expertise.

Dr. Lovett H. Weems, Jr. Dr. Lovett H. Weems, Jr., a preeminent expert on church leadership, is respected as a pastor, educator, author, and church leader. After many years as a pastor and seminary president, he is now distinguished professor of church leadership and director of the Lewis Center for Church Leadership of Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC. His latest books include Overflow: Increase Worship Attendance & Bear More Fruit, Focus: The Real Challenges That Face The United Methodist Church, Bearing Fruit (with Tom Berlin) and a revised edition of his classic Church Leadership: Vision, Team, Culture, and Integrity. Contact.
Dr. G. Douglass Lewis Dr. G. Douglass Lewis, former Wesley Seminary president, for whom the center is named, serves as senior fellow, focusing on leadership within theological education.
Ann A. Michel Dr. Ann A. Michel, associate director of the Lewis Center, supports the Lewis Center’s curricular offerings as a Lecturer in Church Leadership.  She oversees the development of Lewis Center resources and is an editor of Leading Ideas e-newsletter. Contact.
Joe Arnold Joe Arnold, research manager, is responsible for designing and conducting research initiative. He also has lead staff responsibility for administering online programs including the Lewis Pastoral Leadership Inventory and the Keeping Our Sacred Trust online training program. Contact.

Matthew Lyons, marketing manager, is responsible for Lewis Center marketing and social media and is an editor of Lewis Center Update e-newsletter. Contact.

Sabrina O'Neal is the Resource Product Manager for the Lewis Center for Church Leadership and oversees the development and production of various resources targeting church leaders, especially video and electronic resources. Contact.

Carol Follett is a Web Specialist for the Lewis Center handling electronic communication, maintaining the Lewis Center website (  She designed the online platform for Keeping Our Sacred Trust, an online course for presenting clergy sexual misconduct.  And she is also responsible for preparing and distributing Leading Ideas and The Lewis Center Update. Contact.
The Lewis Center prides itself in identifying individuals in the church, in higher education, and in secular fields who are key resources for church leadership. It draws on the expertise of a wide array of scholars and practitioners, including the faculty of Wesley Theological Seminary.