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Congregational Attendance Profile
Congregational Attendance Profile
DVD/CD Resource
Worship attendance is a primary indicator of congregational vitality, but few churches track attendance in a way that reveals long-term trends. CAP, the Congregational Attendance Profile, reveals these trends to help you improve worship attendance. CAP monitors weekly attendance against a 52-week running average.

Instead of simply knowing how a Sunday's attendance compares to the previous week's, you'll know how it compares to the entire past year's average, revealing larger trends and patterns.
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Churches have shown major improvement in attendance by acting on lessons learned from the Congregational Attendance Profile.
CAP doesn't just track attendance — it reveals clues to improve attendance. CAP effortlessly produces a two-year trends chart showing the big picture — whether overall attendance is rising, declining, or flat. A seasonal attendance chart superimposes your 52-week average over actual attendance, revealing peaks and dips. On a CAP video segment, Lewis Center Director Lovett H. Weems, Jr., explains how to interpret and use these data. Churches have shown major improvement in attendance by acting on lessons learned from CAP. Simply input your past attendance figures into the CAP spreadsheet, then once a week add your latest numbers. CAP automatically does the rest, and it works for churches with single worship services as well as those with many.
Two year and one year attendance charts
CAP DVD/CD Resource includes:
  • Easy-to-use templates that calculate your congregation’s unique Congregational Attendance Profile to better monitor worship attendance throughout the year
  • Step-by-step video presentation on how to get started using CAP
  • Video instruction featuring Dr. Lovett H. Weems, Jr., director of the Lewis Center, which explains how to understand and interpret CAP charts
  • Sample charts from real churches’ Congregational Attendance Profiles
  • Frequently Asked Questions
Technical requirements: A computer with CD drive and Excel 97 or higher edition or an application that can open Excel 97 or higher files is required. Either a DVD player, or a computer with a DVD-ROM drive is required to watch the video presentations.